Glass Assemblage

Refining a long tradition of collage, with a nod to Victorian Shadow Boxes, these works explore the design concepts of Ikebana using glass as bas-relief sculpture. I utilize `found frames' to make these works but their parameters are broad, sometimes utilizing cardboard boxes, sometimes incorporating found object as well as glass and employing various backgrounds such as timber and, most recently, drawing and photo-montage. While they adhere to all the principals of design these works (like many of my artworks) are playful; they do not take themselves too seriously.

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Burgundy Spears on White

37cm x 32cm overall, gold timber frame 2003

Silver Leaves on Floral GroundSilver Leaves on Floral Ground

Silver Leaves on Floral Ground

59cm x 48cm overall, gold timber frame 2003

The background glass used in this particular work was created for me by a Melbourne firm some years ago to match a restoration project in Hunters Hill. It uses ceramic screen print process and was a very good match. The bonus for me was the extra glass left over from the job; it's been a favourite ever since.

Red Spears on Gold with White ShardsRed Spears on Gold with White Shards

Red Spears on Gold with White Shards

45cm x 36cm overall, gold timber frame 2006

One of the more ornate frames used in this series. With these works I start with the frame, generally a ready-made scavenged from frame makers as a mis-order, sometimes found in the street or in the corridors of the warehouse my studio occupies.



45cm x 36cm 1998-2002
glass on glass suspended over acrylic on canvas

Bouquet stands out a little from the rest of the assemblages. It's an unframed canvas and employs UV curing Loctite as the bonding agent. It's really a precursor to the silicone assemblages.

I created the glass component as an experiment in 1998 but it was quite a long time before I knew what to do with that. By 2002 I was doing a lot of painting ... one thing lead to another.

Pacific Kelp and Australian Native OrchidsPacific Kelp and Australian Native Orchids

Pacific Kelp and Australian Native Orchids

27cm x 39cm 2011
glass, silicone, gunmetal timber frame

Spent rather more time on this work, grinding the petals of the flowers to fit neatly into each other. Generally the glass components in these pieces are 'clean cut': that is, all hand cut with no edge-processing at all.

Doreanthes and SyzigiumDoreanthes and Syzigium

Doryanthes and Syzygium

59cm x 52cm 2011

glass, silicone, black painted timber frame

Pushing the concept a little further for this work I raided my draws full of early drawings, studies for various projects, and used them as a background for the glass collage.

Doryanthes excelsa, or Gymea Lilly, is one of my favourite Australian plants. The flower head is sometimes mistaken for a waratah but it is much more grand and held aloft on a stem about 4 or 5 metres tall.

One of the beautiful handmade Lamberts glasses in my stock shelves turned out to be just perfect for this.

Syzigium is the native Lillypilly, an edible fruit often used in making jam.

Green and Gold: Australian Native GrassGreen and Gold: Australian Native Grass

Green and Gold: Australian Native Grass

55cm x 46cm 2011
glass, silicone, gold timber frame