A few of the people who help make my life so rich

Australian Artists

me with Rhett Brewer, Di Holdsworth @ Artsite Gallery Oct 2016me with Rhett Brewer, Di Holdsworth @ Artsite Gallery Oct 2016

Ana Wojak and Pierre CavalanAna Wojak and Pierre Cavalan

Bondage installation by Garth Knight 2011Bondage installation by Garth Knight 2011

Sapling Shedding #2 1994Sapling Shedding #2 1994

Ben Frost in his Hibernian studio 2010Ben Frost in his Hibernian studio 2010

Rhett Brewer Rhett and I grew up together in Georges Hall, what was then one of Sydney's Western Suburbs; Rhett was one of the 14x artists in the exhibition Suburban Noir which showed late in 2013 at the Museum of Sydney
Pierre Cavalan extraordinary jewellery often using found object, now working on very large pieces, sitting somewhere between collage and bas-relief sculpture.
Paul Gilsenan is the Duckman. Pauly was a longtime resident of Hibernian and very much a part of the Knot Gallery crew
Di Holdsworth is an accomplished artist working with mechanised found object, creating intricate dioramas. She is represented in Sydney by Stella Downer Gallery and is also Rhett Brewer's life partner.

Garth Knight intricately detailed digital artwork based around fetish, jewellery and sometimes stained glass
Daniel O'Toole AKA ears, talented musician, producer [Free the Beats] and visual artist and prolific street artist, occasionally doing brilliant collab work with Max Berry among others. Now located in Melbourne.
Owen Thompson is a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute, a very exclusive and prestigious group of artists. Living in the Blue Mountains, Owen's work often features mountain bushland and wildflowers. We met years ago when both teaching at The Cottage in Mosman and have remained friends ever since.

Piece by ears @ 505 on Cleveland StPiece by ears @ 505 on Cleveland St

Julie VulcanJulie Vulcan

Pomegranites by William YangPomegranites by William Yang

Pauly G painting, dancing..Pauly G painting, dancing..

Julie Vulcan investigating the intimacy of the everyday, the power and the symbolism of the ordinary
Ana Wojak some of the most intense performance work I have experienced; also a beautiful painter and object maker; pieces possessing such depth and poignancy they will at times take your breath away


Rod Morgan is Old Man CrowRod Morgan is Old Man Crow

Album shoot in Hibernian for SeekaeAlbum shoot in Hibernian for SeekaeAlbum shoot in Hibernian for Seekae

Veren Grigorov busking at CentralVeren Grigorov busking at CentralVeren Grigorov busking at Central

Campbell McGuinessCampbell McGuiness

Old Man Crow Blues and Roots singer Rod Morgan has been performing around Sydney for 40 years, "his heartfelt lyrics seasoned with wry observations of life in Sydney's Inner West"
Cam McGuiness, who flips between Hibernian House and Indonesia, is the wizard behind the scenes of this website. Also a very fine musician
Veren Grigorov wonderful 'free-form' violinist who I met busking a few years ago in the Eddy Ave tunnel at Central; he's amazing!

And Other Extremely Talented Creatives


Mechanatronalistic by Rully ZachariaMechanatronalistic by Rully Zacharia

Rod and MoRod and Mo

Jewellery by Raphael MhashilkarJewellery by Raphael Mhashilkar

Ben DixonBen Dixon

Yiorgos ZafiriouYiorgos Zafiriou

Ben Dixon here's another multi-talented fella: a brilliant electronic musician, this is his jewellery website
Matt McCosker is another former denizen of Hibernian House and frequent participant in 107 Projects, Redfern St Redfern
Raphael Mhashilkar a beautiful designer of jewellery and objects with a passion for reinvigorating vintage and antique pieces
Robert Knapman is a talented photographer with a keen eye for that magical moment. Living between Sydney and Adelaide, his work is often published in Evolution Media publications as he tends to specialise in documenting the LGBTQ community. This is his professional Facebook page.
Mo Orkascevski has a terrific partnership with Rod Morgan, together for over 20yrs; Mo & Rod published an illustrated book "Cooking with Cats" in 2012 (available on issuu ), also an Illuminated Book of Cats ; they recently launched The Complete Works of Old Man Crow at Artsite Gallery in Camperdown as part of the 2016 Sydney Fringe Festival
Rully Zacharia makes quirky visuals and sound pieces; love his stuff. You can find his work here: Broken Stopwatch
Nic Nieuwoudt excellent photographer/designer; Nic was one of the 6x artists in the Global Gallery, Paddington exhibition Samjjana, for which I made Circus Chaos and Sweet Innocence, in Oct 2008. MaryJane Leahy launched her first CD of guitar compositions at that exhibition.
Yiorgos Zafiriou a fascinating man, difficult to categorise; there is sometimes an object component to his performance work. His own body is a major site for his artwork. In October 2016 Yiorgos launched his new website, YZ, the culmination of his PhD