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The 2014 Sydney exhibition of the last Ranamok Glass Prize drew to a close on Sat 18th October with 5x of the 28x finalists presenting talks about their work: myself, Ben Young, Paddy Robinson, Mark Elliott, Lee Howes and Yusuke Takemura.

-hale by Richard Whiteley-hale by Richard Whiteley

Farewell to the King by Christian ArnoldFarewell to the King by Christian Arnold

Blue world -Polar by Emma VargaBlue world -Polar by Emma Varga

Forest Fungi 2 by Rodger BuddleForest Fungi 2 by Rodger Buddle

There is nothing more expensive by Yusuke TakemuraThere is nothing more expensive by Yusuke Takemura

Last Supper by Evelyn DunstanLast Supper by Evelyn Dunstan

The Magpie's Hoard by Rob WynneThe Magpie's Hoard by Rob Wynne

Mount Selwin by Holly GraceMount Selwin by Holly Grace

Te Kahu by Te Rongo KirkwoodTe Kahu by Te Rongo Kirkwood

Three Painted Vessels (foreground) by Jeffrey HamiltonThree Painted Vessels (foreground) by Jeffrey Hamilton

for health and assurance by Nick Wirdnamfor health and assurance by Nick Wirdnam

Philumeny by Lee HowesPhilumeny by Lee Howes

Festival City

20 Sep 2011

I'm not sure when exactly it happened but Sydney has become a City of Creative Festivals, each one of them offering so much it's a wonder anyone has a chance to do the laundry or simply cook a meal! And if you're feeling bored or lonely you're just not paying attention.

As if the Sydney Film Festival in June was not enough, we now have the Sydney Underground Film Festival to open the month of September. Unfortunately yours truly has been beavering away in the studio and didn't get to any of the delightful films on offer.

Then Sydney Fringe Festival kicked off last week with a flurry of exhibitions and performances. I took myself over to St Peter's on Friday night to catch an outdoor bondage piece by my friend Garth Knight at the back of Tortuga Studios, just off May Street. I had no idea I would get caught up in a rambling visual feast of illuminated madness.

Projection on studio windowProjection on studio window

The Man with the Cloudy SkyThe Man with the Cloudy Sky

Shadow ProjectionsShadow Projections

Small drawingSmall drawing

Fluorescent paint on canvasFluorescent paint on canvas

Self bondage workSelf bondage work

Live street art by AndrosLive street art by Andros

Following hard on the heels of the Sydney Fringe is Art and About. This is basically an outdoor art festival run by the City of Sydney which began largely as a way of decorating the city streets and parks for spring. It has evolved into a major Arts Festival with such immediacy, such relevance and artistic integrity, that it rivals the Sydney Biennale. As far as I am aware, this is the first year that international artists have been invited to participate, and what stars!

One such artist, Isidro Blasco has just had a solo show at Dominic Mersch Gallery in Dank Street, Waterloo. Blasco lives and works in New York and has wrought his transformational magic in one of our inner city laneways. I immediately fell in love with Isidro's work when I saw his 2010 exhibition at the Mersch Gallery. I wrote at the time that here is an artist who has brought photography into the realm of contemporary sculpture, adding nmuch to both disciplines.

Art and About will launch in Martin Place on Friday night, 23rd Sept. A walk through the photographic exhibition in Hyde Park is a must

As Art and About winds up at the end of October (some of the laneway installations satay in place till end of Jan 2012), Paste Modernism 3 opens November 4th on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, as part of the street art festival called 'THE OUTPOST'.
The island will be transformed into a month long celebration of street and urban art, featuring prominent local and international artists as well as a number of events and projects similar to Paste-Modernism. The festival continues until Dec 11th.


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