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An`a Wojak in the zone @ 107An`a Wojak in the zone @ 107

In March I responded to an invitation to witness a performance by my friend AñA Wojak at Redfern's 107 Projects. Being photographer was incredibly intimate; I was with her all the way, feeling (almost) what she was feeling. Extraordinary, exhausting, it was an absolute honour

Preparing the spacePreparing the space

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Water and wineWater and wine

Preparing the spacePreparing the space




Achieving ecstasyAchieving ecstasy


Mark Elliott blowing a glass instrumentMark Elliott blowing a glass instrument

Glass sculptureGlass sculpture

An accomplished saxophonist himself, Mark Elliott deploys great humour and wit to his flameworking of glass sculpture. Mark's latest forays have been making sculptures that sound, some of them with remarkable notes.

Glass sculptureGlass sculpture

Blowing a glass instrumentBlowing a glass instrument

107 Projects in Redfern St Redfern are renowned for hosting quite left-field performances and exhibitions of multi-disciplinary artforms. Glass + Wind was one such event on Wednesday evening, 29th March, and continuing thru to April 9th 2017.

Playing a glass instrumentPlaying a glass instrument

Playing a glass instrumentPlaying a glass instrument

Hanging glass sculptureHanging glass sculpture

The sqwawkaphoneThe sqwawkaphone

Glass musical instrumentsGlass musical instruments

Over the weekend April 1st - 3rd the former Knot Gallery celebrated the opening of their new premises in 107 Redfern St Redfern, with heartfelt thanks to tthe City of Sydney's generosity. They have taken over the disused fire station, empty for a very long time, given it a coat of paint and turned it over to artist's studios and gallery space.

Monkfly doing his thingMonkfly doing his thing

Live art by Pauly GLive art by Pauly G

Andros at 107Andros at 107

To the accompaniment of beats by Monkfly for the Sunday night opening, the crowd got to see the results of an open house situation where all and sundry were invited to participate in painting, drawing, building and playing golf. I spent a very pleasant hour and a half early in the afternoon taking the psych test... I have no idea whether I passed, or what it all meant, but it was fun.

my psych testmy psych test

The ClockThe Clock

Lockie in the cardboard kitchenLockie in the cardboard kitchen

Over the Easter weekend I visited the Renaissance exhibition at the NGA (absolutely beautiful!) and took the opportunity to deliver one of my works which was sold to a dear friend some time ago: it has been hanging in my studio window for the duration, illuminated each night as advertising, mainly visible from the Aurora Hotel opposite. Stasis now resides in its new home in Westgarth St O'Connor.

in the studio windowin the studio window

new location O'Connor, ACTnew location O'Connor, ACT

New advertising: Vibrant passionNew advertising: Vibrant passion

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