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You have less than a week to discover the exciting new work of Yusuke Takemura currently showing upstairs in Sabbia's Gallery no.2. Take's work is exciting, fresh and inspiring. Certainly there are nods to a number of masters of contemporary glass sculpture, as we would expect from a young, emerging artist: he nests multiple forms in the manner of Chihuly; he vigorously cuts away large portions of the vessel, echoing Tim Shaw; his work is predominantly clear glass, in common with Ruth Allen and many of the new guard. But cumulatively what we have here is a new body of work, pushing boundaries and exploring personal territory.

Spring FrostSpring Frost

Heredity and FlowHeredity and FlowHeredity and Flow

And naturally enough the work has a distinctly Japanese sensibility. The simplicity of the blown vessel provides a canvas for complex patterning of negative space, creating an intricate play of light and shadow under the Gallery's spotlights. The judicious use of limited colour pushes the clear glass to a higher key. The finesse of the cut and polished edge is breathtaking: inumerable hours are invested in achieving this standard of presentation. I look forward to observing the trajectory of this talented young artist's career.

Pepper PodPepper Pod


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